Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Temptation !! Im so tempting to get my hair chop short later !!! D: HOLY ! Should i ?

Caught up with the girls a little after going for casting yesterday . TOTALLY OMG! -_-
The interviewer's actually the mediacorp actress Lynn. Scare my ass off! I totally wear like crap to the place and never had make up on can !! D:

The other time , casting was so boring and i dolled up like damn "rong zhong" like that. This time , casting's so high class and i wore a short plus long sleeve -_- HOLY !! D:

*dreams crashed* predicted that i wont pass the casting because i was so nervous i kept stammering and answer them funnily . -_-

Interviewer : Hi kelly , would you like to tell me more about yourself ?
Me : no.
Interviewer : HUH !?
Me : O_O *stares*
Interviewer : What about starting of with what are you doing currently ?
Me : Nothing.
Interviewer : HUH!? ( shocked face once again )

funny not!!?! Theres more lor! but i dont wan paisei myself ! LOL. -_-

So anyway , i think i`ll be good and skipp those high pay odd jobs . D: IT fair's coming!! xDDD

Meeting kammy at 2.30 than belle`ling at 3.30 (: working at 5 !
imma getting abit more rest. (:

p/s- I have never left. (:

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