Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Kelly introduces WWW.URBAN-COLLECTIONS.BLOGSPOT.COM to get you prepare for the month MAY ! (:

From normal outfits to classy to glamourous , ITS YOUR ONE STOP STATION! (:

Quick PEEP!
Here is a normal yet classy spag top !

How about something glamourous , striking yet classy ?!

YES ! They are just the right online blogshop you are looking for !

Something sweet , simple that still shines ?!

YES ! they got them alllllllllllll!

And this is what Urban sponsored me with :D

The above picture is obviously not me ; HAHA . As you know , im a lil skinny ( OKAY FINE! SUPER SKINNY )

So , the dress they sponsor me is a lil too big for me but they are definitely freesize and suitable for all asian girls (: You can judge by how well it fits my younger sister! (:

- Comfy material , beautiful cuttings & my fav colour !!!!!!! *HURRAYS!*

*pssst: just need a lil alteration & its my turn to wear it ! teehee*

p/s - The blogshop owner MR. Lex song is superb nice also , he woke up early in the morning and travel outside my school to pass me the sponsored dress!
Its not easy to find nice blogshop with nice boss as well! (:
sidenote : he is quite good looking =x HEHEHE.

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