Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I've been skipping school superb often ever since school started .
its almost the 3rd week of school & i am going to school for like less than 2 days . *claps*
YEAP! the motivation to school is missing . *pouts*

So anyway , a million thanks to t.h for tolerating me.

Sorry for always shouting @ you , throwing temper , scolding you , neglecting you , saying awful things .

I`ve never let you know that i enjoy your companion from time to time.
& i love you not for who you are but who i am when i am with you .

I dont have to try being someone else , i dont have to pretend about anything , i can totally be myself , i can do whatever i like , i can have all the freedom of speech , i laugh like crazy , act like monkey , behave like gorilla & plays like a lil kid .

Thanks for this past 1 month plus . You made me feel special . (:

Though many a times , you do things without thinking , ask stupid questions , behave stupidly , emos like panda & piss me off like retard .

You does matters.

We might be humans from different planet & different world . Than again , its amazing how we ended up tgt awaiting a future .

Thanks for being part of me .
Though there is not promises made from me to you but at least for now , i assure you the place you have in my heart is not replaceable . (:

Alrighty , random pictures before i go down my blk and slack with chen korkor (:

p/s - im sry , Really sry .

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