Saturday, April 10, 2010

X flew to taiwan last night after bringing me to pizza & promised to bring back nice dress , tops & all the beautiful blings blings over there !! (:

Will be waiting for his return ! :D hehe.

*please come back in one piece , take good care!!*


T.h bought me to nice dinner sometime ago after my work . :D teehee!


Mine! * notice the drink is super big & i manage to finish it!! :D

Met up with the girls as well .
Did my nails with Feng. ;D heh

Katong laksa with the girls. :D

ahhhhh shit! T.h going off to dont know what alibaba place to see catch sunset!

Packing up & going home in awhile time!! (:

Before i end~ TADAHHHHHH!! xD
Thank you for the patience and tolerance . I know i have superb bad temper and am super unreasonable! hahaha x3

Identity kept as a secret for the time being. (:

p/s - School's starting next next week!! ): BOO!!!
p/p/s - Trip with danny to bintan next month !!
p/p/p/s - TP'S ON MAY !!!! ):
p/p/p/p/s - argggs! so much things to be done , so lil time. D:

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