Wednesday, May 19, 2010

i`m sick, like totally.

Im blogging with my eyes like half open nia can ? D:

Oh god! Its been quite awhile since i last got like sore throat & i swear they are hurting damn badly ! ):

I missed my UT ( understanding test ) today cause i woke up with my right eye red and swollen
(like one of the many vessels in my eyeball broke and the blood couldnt stop gushing.) *gasps*

OKAY ! fine ! 0ver exaggerating i know ! But i`m really not feeling well what! D:

i shall go rest now! i just feel like typing thats why i am blogging now. -_-

p/s - i had a new haircut again ! (: hehehheheheh & now my hair look like a wig.
p/p/s - im going out to dye my hair like tml if i recovers ! (: hehehe
( so that it will look more like a wig ! )

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