Monday, May 24, 2010

My baby girl's super sad last night. ):
& i cant do anything ! )):

Hi baby girl! i'm here if you need someone to talk to alrightys ? YOU have someone to talk to ! dont say you dont! D:
Yes , we drifts in distance but never the heart. (:
You are still the only i speak to about all those kinky stuffs! hehehe !
You know one! there ~ rem boxer spongebob? HAHAHAHA! *winks*

Snapshot!Catch me with spects! (click for larger view) =x She was emo'ing & telling me stupid things.

Conversation as follow (roughly like that)

Sheryl : dar , look at me.
Me : Looking. why ?
Sheryl : LOOK!
Me : ya ! what !?!
Sheryl : I look better when i do this to my eyes.
Me : hur ?
Sheryl : Because it cover half of my face.
Me : zz! AYO ! why you like that think !!!!!!!

OH & THANKS PEOPLE! - Location found - .(regarding previous post)

P/s - No one cannot live without no one.
P/p/s - i hate lemon scent now!

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