Saturday, May 22, 2010

All of you look so beautiful and handsome and stunning and charming and attractive and wonderful and fabulous today ! =x

I got a favour to ask ~ x) & i need YOUR help ! ( YES ! YOU! )

I`m looking for a King size bed in white bedsheets .


Me and my bunch of girlfriends wana do a portfolio for our memorable friendship & we wana have our picture taken in boyfriend shirts.

Than again all of our house is not big enough ( ya! we poor can not? )

So , we were thinking if anyone of you out there wana lend/rent us ur house for afew hours shoot. *show shimmering eyes*

Criteria of house for renting ;
- Clear window panes
- King size bed with bed sheets
- Big white walls

( Email me with quotes per hour )

Criteria for lending ;
- Only king size bed with white bed sheets.

( Email me with conditions )

Email :

Oh and for your info , My girlfriends includes - Gracey ; Belle'ling & Yifengg .

Coo0o0o0oooool right!? LOL!

So anyway , i`ll end off with something stupid =x

The other time i was talking on phone with Anson & i wana take some pictures using my webcam !

Than i stupidly , accidentally press video instead of capture.
But anyway , its cute though its lagging ! HAHAHAHAHAHA =x

p/s - Getting used to life without you.

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