Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Okay, i totally understand my blog is dying. But it is only fair , i have the adv stay for a little while first right ?

So anyway ,


Last year she planned a surprise for me on my birthday. This year , i manage to squeeze out cake in the middle of the night @ 2 plus tgt with 2 other long lost friend. (:
p/s- i went all the way from hougang to town than to holland! applause for my effort! ;D

The rest of the picture not photoshopped yet and sheryl seah dont allow me to post them ): LOL.
I'm currently in school now and i actually reach school like 30 mins earlier because today lesson starts at 9.45 and i totally didntk now about it. ): damn sad right! tskkkkk.

OH and ! Something random to share! (:

p/s - im staying right at the place where you left me behind.

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