Friday, May 14, 2010

Ultimately SUAY !

Ultimate suay'ness today ! ): Hopefully the day ends well for me!

I went out on time in the morning and was superb confident in getting to school on time or even earlier !
Than i coincidetially met Lincoln ( sher's bf ) on bus and lend him my phone throughout the bus journey.I`m totally fine with using my phone to call throughout the journey.( because theeruk's the one paying my hp bill now )

I'm just pissed when i have to wait for him to finish talking on MY phone than return it back to me even after we alighted and walked over to the mrt. ( for that wait ) i missed my "not late" train.

So anyway, i have to walk like 15 mins to school and today i totally cannot afford to walk . (HOW SAD?) I left early and i have to run to school instead of walking.

Than i reached class at 9.16am ! 1 MIN LATE. WTF ?! This is bullshit! i swear !
( CAN you totally imagine how pissed i was? )

T_T i`m not suppose to be late! but i`m still late and its not my fault AT ALL. So much for waking early and stuff. D: 0.5 was minus away JUST LIKE THAT! (Rp daily grade:Max 4 points)

Than , i totally forgotten we are not allow to wear skirt or dress above knee caps today and absolutely no slippers.

So anyway , do you think i wear dress that is below knee caps? -_- obviously right.
YES! BINGO ! im like in dress and slippers. T_T DAMN IT!
So i nearly got chased back home D: than i promised to head over to CWP (causeway point) to get shoes and pants.

15 mins walk there & KER-CHINGS, $$ fly away @ cotton on. $35 in total to be presentable.The veyr first time i shop unwillingly ! ):

Than 15 mins walk back.On my way back , met this bian tai (perverted) old ang mor that randomly whispered into my ear : " nice body ." & walk away while smiling happily at me !

WTFzxzxz ! can you imagine how freak out i was ? -________-"

So anyway , the shoe i invested $15 dollars on is now KILLING ME ! ):
My skin is peeling and it hurts like crazy ! RAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Am having UT ( understanding test ) in like 30 more mins.


p/s- iheartteeruk. (:

p/p/s- Im working at orientus resort later on. ^.^ drop me a text ifyou are coming down.

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