Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bio Essence : Celebrity's Choice

The Sensation - In my opinion.

Celebrity's Choice Inchloss Shower Scrub :

In case you dont remember ,the Inchloss Shower Scrub is the one in Pink box , with a dark pink tube. (:

I blog this when i just woke up x) So , i have to hide my face . ^.^

Celebirty Choice Inchloss Shower scrub is a red coloured fluid with a very light pleasant smell. Instanly feel a little heat generating when applied to the targeted area . Contains small sand-like-feel particles that leaves skin instantly feeling clean and clear. ( My guess , it that the sand-like-feeling particles cleanse off the dead skin when applying :D )

You know what is the best ?
Celebrity's Choice Inch Loss Body Cream:

Body cream is the One in Yellow box , with a Yellow tube .

InchLoss body cream is MY FAVOURITE AMONG THE 3 !!!

It smells superb sweet ( like those superb sweet candy ), Its not oily , greasy or sticky . You can INSTANTLY feel a little heat sensation on the applied area. It leaves the skin feeling softer , smoother , firmer.

Where to find such wonderful product ? More than 3-In-1 leis! While applied & wanting to slim down , you get to be sweet like candy , get to smell like candy , feel like damn soft , damn smooth and damn firm ! ( im serious about feeling like candy because the smell is like damn damn damn nice !!!!)

The amazing thing :
Where to find such afforadable (more than 3-in-1 product) price @ only $25.90(200g) and could be found almost anywhere at your convenient!
Celebrity's Choice Inch Loss Cellulite :

Inch loss cellulite is in a Purple Box , with a light pink tube.

Unlike the other 2 product , i feel that Cellulite leaves a cooling sensation.

It absorded by the skin very quickly and leaves the skin feeling refreshed and smelling nice. This non-greasy texture is very easy to apply ann allows you to get dressed immediately.

Again , Its at the affordable price of only $19.90 .


Endorsed by Aileen tan , the satisfied Celebrity's Choice InchLoss user has this to say :

" After 14 days, I am excited to notice that i have lost about 1 inch off my waist and hips. My pants are looser. My arms are also firmer! I feel the warm sensation the whole day. Now i enjoy a slim figure, but am surprised to note that my skin is tender and smooth! "

She try it , did it , achieve it & make a difference with Bio Essence-Celebrity's Choice.

What are you waiting for ?

I have received emails and messages asking how to go about ordering the product.
TAKE NOTE ! I'm not selling them ! Go to the nearest convienient ! ^.^

Once again , the distribution Outlets:
Watsons , Guardian , Robinsons, John Little , BHG , OG , NTUC FairPrice , Carrefour , Giant , CK department , Sheng Siong , Supermarkets , SASA , Cosmetic houses and minimarts.

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