Wednesday, June 30, 2010

i know the mayo and chilli is like damn chio with the "i love you".
Rotting in class! ):

Randomly typing anything i feel like.

Im gona do a advertorial for a newly lauched facial product in Japan soon ! :D
Stay tune uh !!

Im gona give out a pair of free lens from GEO ( no power ) soon soon ! :D

Im gona do a advertorial for branded bags soon soon soon ! :D

Im gona show you how my eye make up is done when i have time . :x

Im gona help my friends, girlfriends, sister sell their clothes (brand new,worn afew time) soon!

Im a super ultimate lazy bum ~

Im gona show you a picture of my naked face ! ( not now , but soon )

For now , lesson just ended! SO ciaos!

Before i go ~

The incomplete girlfriend's shoot. D:

Click for larger view.

Soon! You will get to see all 5 of us !!!!!! :)

P/s - My phone is filled up with all your msges ! Awaiting 15 Oct ;

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