Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mentally Drained.

Life is indeed fragile . I'm learning to cherish and to speak before anything is too late.
I've never really feel how others feel when they have lost someone they know.

Yes, it might be saddening/heart wrecking. Than again , why would i have feel for someone that i hardly/barely know .

This time , this someone that left 2 days ago to be with god is someone i know for over 13 years to be exact. His younger brother were in the same class as me ever since Primary 1 and he have always been that "big brother" ever since young because he would always fly over to my class if anyone were to bully his younger brother.

Its only when you realise you will never get to see this someone that left for the rest of your life only than would you realise what life is. Even when he is just a very very very normal friend of yours.

To be frank, i used to hate him alot . For always winning my daddy money on new year. For always being strict on her and for all the things that happened that make her sad.

On the other hand, deep down inside my heart i know he had brought joys to many others including her. Other than being a lil 大男人 at times, he is quite seriously fun to be around with. His jokes , expressions , silly actions & etc .

All the lil things will be kept in the heart of many .

& to all those who assumed , accused , passed nasty remarks at the poor girl. Go get a life.
Because if you are sad that you lose a friend , a buddy , a bestie than i`m telling you SHE lost a Boyfriend that she plans to get married to.Someone who she thought of spending the rest of her life with. Now , tell me who deserved to be BOO at ? YOU for being nasty/stupid/brainless or SHE that had done nothing?

No one would have thought anything like that would happened. Fod god sake, give her some breathing space.

From this, i realise and learned to voice out before i do not have a chance to.I still feel weird on the inside whenever i think of him vanishing from this earth. Afterall, we were friends.

Mnay things all happened once at a go.Everything is moving so fast, i've got no time to stand,stop and look. Look at how beautiful the surrounding is.

Alrightys, i'm having school tml. I shall end with conversation part 2 as promised. (:

I though he would have freak out upon seeing my so " ONz " reply. But SURPRISINGLY he didnt! oh wow! that impressed me though he sounded very stupid. (:

& Thanks for the votes! All i wanted was another 14 more votes to 60 votes. But it went up all the way hitting 100 votes ans still counting.

p/s - Time to face what my hearts wants before i might not have a chance to do so.

p/p/s- Enough of the emo'ing. Time for bed. 99

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