Monday, June 14, 2010

Not amazed .

Im not totally not amazed upon receiving weird messages from weird people. X)

But its good once in awhile to have entertainment like that (:
& when im free/in a good mood , i might entertain a teeny weeny bit. Just , abit.

& he did reply with something a lil more amazing after that.

Interested to find out ? =x

i post another ScreenShot of his reply if my vote hit 60 !! (: 14 more to go :D hehe.

BE NICE! Help me win the $100 worth of man and pedi sets and i`ll upload nicer pictures ! =x bleahs!

Belle'ling and Sher


Mine! Sibei expensive ribbon ~ $4 for 1 *emos*

I`m a happy lil girl NAOZXZ! :D

p/s - you never deserve my love at all because you are stubbornly selfish and always caring ONLY about yourself. That is also the only reason why you always failed to see what i've tried to put in . You screwed your last chance (:

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