Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ohayo people !!! YA ! i woke up in the middle of the night at weird hours of 3.30am AGAIN ! sibei @#*)@*!(#*!

This week's the last week of holiday . Boo ! ): If i dont turn back my time than i`ll be so dead ! D:

So ANYWAY , I know you guys are like damn nice one right . (:
So can you guys go to [ ] and cast me a vote so i would be the babe of the month MAY and get a manicure and pedicure package worth $100 bucks freeeeee! :D

Kindly click on my name - " kelly Ong " and click the vote button! :D hehehe

WILL you guys be kind enough to ask all your friends and family and their friends and family and their friend's friends and family and friend's friend's friends and family ( & the list goes on and on ) to cast me a vote too ? :D

Show *Shimmering eyes* with Big head. (i know i know! look like 大头娃娃!)
But thats the purpose ! Cause its taken using wide angle lens .(I hope im right)

Picture credited to Lukaviz.

So anyway , its 6.10am now and i'm feeling sleeeeeeeeepy again ! O_O"
eh fcuk ! why i keep feeling sleepy one !!!!!! ):

Time for bed when i woke up for merely 3 hours ! D:

p/s - Sopa said he is gona be back today but BO LEI! sibei liar ~ D:

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