Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Okay ! i just reach home and i sooooooooooo have the feeling to blog ! x)

Was feeling a lil emo earlier on ! So i took daddy's car , went to fetch Sheryl dar and head over to prata shop and chit chatted over ice milo and lots of sour heart. (she knows!) Not forgetting the laughters from what we did when we were young. x)

Have you ever sat down over a cup of something with a particular friend that you know for like applebananaorange longgggggg and start talking about those lil sweet things you did together in the past or those nasty lil things you plan together ? Than happily laughing like damn loud as if you own the whole effing coffee shop , ignoring all the stares or irritated face that kept staring at you ?

I did, just now. (:

Parts and parcel of life with a blink of an eye , everything seems so yesterday. Indeed, time wait for no man. D: Sometime i wish the time would just stop & wait for me. (sibei emo, i know! but i really emo`ing now what!)

Okay ! F the shit life ~ ITS A 2 WEEEEEEEKS holiday for me now !! :D

The only bad thing is , the holiday is only for two fishing weeks and after the holiday there will be no more holiday in fishing 2 - 3 months !


i guess i needa find ways to let the freaking time stop! ): (I KNOW LA! i know its impossible!!!!)

Sibei mean sial you all! i cant even have that lil 0.00000000000001% glimmer of hope.
cheeeeeeeeee-ken !

Oh ya ! i is sibei lazy to start blogging about bio essence x) BUT ! soon soon!
(OI!dont doubt me leizxzxz! tsk ! , ALWAYS REM : have faith * show glimmerings watery eyes* )

Alrighty! some random stupid before i go to bed! MIND YOU ! its 7:01am now!

Click for larger view if you cant see ! YOU NEVER WANA MISS LEX's STUPIDNESS! hahahahahaahah~

OH-BERRR dew-ED (over due) BIG HEAD FACE! X)

p/s - i realise , you are not that "affecting" in my life anymore & i wonder why.

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