Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ps! :D

I've decided to skip blogging about my short "manly" hair , my beautiful blue nails , my totally naked face & my lousy sunny side up egg for the time being.

everyone else is blogging about their photoshop skill! (the blogs i read)

So anyway~ heres a picture i got from facebook randomly. Paiseh if its your face. Im a small lil girl here just plainly trying to hao lian abit of my PS skills =x
*Show Shimmering cute small eyes*

I swear i havd a good laugh when i saw this picture. Whats with the thick eye brow ? Big eyes without lashes ? Rough uneven yellow skin and fleshy nose + mouth opening up for idontknow what purpose than naming it "Girlisius" ? HAHAHA! ( okay! shut up and stop being mean kelly! )

So after using like 2 period (approx .1 hour) of my lesson in class to meddle with her pictures. Struggling like siao to adjust the damn eye brow and meddling with the stupid mouth (even though i failed to close it ) . This is the final product.

HAH! Now at least she got thin nice brows that makes her less "man". Smaller cuter face! ^.^
whiter skin tone ! ( YALA! i know if you compare the both , the skin tone is too white ) But i really feel that white is so much nicer than YELLOW! x) So much more feminine with nice long lashes , Small cute nose , nice lens , NICER tone hairs. :D

Side by side comparison (:
Eh fcuk! i swear i actually erase her eye brow off and started drawing my own -_-
Her eyes and thick eyebrow so near each other , SIBEI hard to do anything to slim it leizxzxz!

bahh!! okay~ i'm gona blog about my hair and blaablaablaaa SOON! SOON OKAY ! =x

p/s - July's gona be a busy month .
p/p/s - Advt need to be done ):
P/P/P/S - i'm happy to see her recovering and getting stronger
p/p/p/p/s - i'll stop ppppps`ing! :X

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