Friday, July 16, 2010

27 years old? More like 7 years old.

Okay, so the story goes like this. Remember i keep posting about being wake up by this "private number" every morning? If you are my facebook friend, you will realise that i've been updating my status about this "private number".

& Yes. i Believe its DANNY YOW as well. I had a tiff with him before that regarding the face issue.


So anyway we were on our way to meet 2 friends for mahjong and i just bought clothes ealier on. I swear the plastic bag is FINE! ( Definitely not those kind that your mum or my momo go downstairs 买菜用 one )

So i feel its FINE. SPELL EFF - AI - ANN - YEE !

& he totally passed everything to me when we were alighting the bus and gona meet them.
Explaining - " Can you spare me some "face". Its very paiseh and 没有面子 to carry girls stuff ". ( OH SO TRUE & you carried it throughout the day already ? )

The only reasonable explanation i can think of for him was because he dont like my friend ( the one we meeting for mahjong ) because he keep thinking he wana get near me for a reason and that he wana act cool in front of him. ( like, FOR WHAT? )

Mind you, this friend of mine is TWO fcuking YEARS younger than me & HE IS FCUKING like a lil brother of mine!

So anyway, had a tiff right? So no more morning calls from Danny yow especially after i screamed at him one fine morning when he keeps calling. So it became this "unknown number". WAHH! so coincidential! I've never received morning calls from "unknown number" until Danny stops calling. (Okay, edvidence might not be enough for now. Read on! I have more! )

So anyway i havent sleep since last night right? ( i've been complaining non-stop in facebook ) So this private number called once, i picked up ( as usual, HE HANGS! ) than 10 mins later call again and when i dont pick up, he just kept calling. ( Just like what Danny always do, make sure i dont fall back asleep )

So this morning, not enough sleep + plus do project = morning mood swing. Saw the miss call sibei buay song ( feels that he sibei tortise ) so i msged him to "STOP CALLING".

& he have the cheek to reply "Not i call one". ( Dont worry,i'll tell you edvidence as to why i'm so sure ITS HIM )

So i guess, he is pretty unhappy about being nice, waking himself up to give me morning call to make sure i still goes school and i still throw my temper at him.

Thus, starting this status.
So, ya! i feel that he is saying me. Thus, i replied using my own status.

Which is true. People do change! Especially when they know that the person is not worth them. I got like 4 "likes" and Becki saying "well said" OKAY! so which part am i wrong ? Than he unhappy, added CHINESE status.

For the beneficial of those non chinese, he meant loving someone is loving his/her everying because nobody is perfect.
Ehs! fcuk! WHO DONT KNOW ABOUT THIS? Need you say mehs ?

So anyway, only he know chinese? I can do a better job. & so , my reply : loving someone flaws and loving someone stupidity is two different thing. I'm sorry but you dont have flaws, you are just plain stupid. ( i dont usually call people stupid. But i swear this dude here doesnt USE his brain at ALL !!! MIND YOU! not just once or twice! IS ALWAYS, FOREVER ! )

I GOT DICKSON SAYING : "true true". ( ITS 2 true in a row ! )

Than he replied that the moral of the story is to love someone who will love me for who i am and than custom made partners to not exist in life. Also, i have to depends on angle where i am lookin at and how close i look at when im looking on a peron. And ALSO tells me that the human is not a book where i can read a few chapters and determines the value of the book.

Oh! so he thinks that i look at people and treat them like books. LOL! (Assuming No.1) I cannot imagine myself walking out in a world of books like SERIOUSLY? Not making sense liao right this weirdo. READ ON!

Comfirm no brain. If i follow his moral of the story means i have to date everyone that loves me for who i am ? Doesnt that makes me the world buziest girl and the only reason why you are still single ( going by your moral or the story ) is because no one loves you for who you are ? Oh! And i still must learn to depends on the angle i want to look at and how close i look at the person.
OH! so if you are comparing it to book means what? If i take my book FAR FAR means i cannot read the WORDINGS? i STILL CAN WHAT! i put near near ALSO CAN READ WHAT!

& since when i judge people by reading few chapters? ( How much is few chapters?) ( How long needed to finish it ? ) ( how to go about determining the value of the book ? ) ( just, WHATS WRONG WITH YOU ? ) ( ASSUMED #2 that i treat humans like books )

Can you please make some sense when you speak ? -_- So my reply is confirm cool ~

So anyway the 2 chinese characters meant - stupidity. So far, did you see him using any part of his brain to think? His brain rusty already. For the past 27 years, NEVER USE ONE. Everyday serve food, WHERE GOT CHANCE USE BRAIN ? ( I wana type many many words! So , i seperated into 2 status! )

Than he replied, asking me to find myself a robot. What weird guy ehs? Seriously i have absolutely no idea what he meants. & what weirder's is, he actually asked me to "put ur pillow higher and reli think harder".

Notice, HE SAYS I DONT UNDERSTAND THE MEANING AND KEEP ASSUMING! ): AWWW! this one call 恶人先告状!Pot calling kettle black ! ( YOU GOT SEE ME ASSUMING MEHS! )

I mean, Okay ~ i will think harder if you want me to BUT why my pillow higher? You are not making sense. ( Weird people tends to be like this )
& he STATES that i critisize him !! WHERE?! Oh my ~ i feel so maligned! ): OH ! & he calls me a uncivilised person . So i guessed that he didnt know whats the meaning of it since you know, his english. LMAOZX. ^^

I suddenly recall him saying aboout "robot" before. & that he feels that no one can tolerate my temper so i need to get a robot to be my lifetime partner. LOL! Did i mention this 27 years old BOY ( notice i used "boy" and not man ! )needs to listen to mama about who to date and who not to date? *laughs* WHAT CENTURY ALREADY ? Sibei no life. *yawns* B.o.r.i.n.g.ggg.g...g.

Now my turn !!! *Confidently shakes hair abit * Im so nice! i even paste it down for him ! I went to encarta and type and copy paste okay !!
Than come to think about it. I cannot always fish for him, must teach him how to fish himself if now will starve and die. So, MIssssssy NIceeee LIL kelly (:
Than he ROLL ON THE FLOOR AND LAUGH cause he says im people without sense . So not point arguing with me. O_O ( TAKE SPECIAL NOTICE OKAY ! )


Than he saw the missed out status, got agitated ( i type a few for 1 reply rem ? ) Than Im so nice to teach him how to use online dictionary yet he 恩将仇报 ! Say what siblings, parents, grandparents,ancestors blaablaablaa, hokkien mee aunty, kuayteow uncle all this one ~ And again, he used uncivilized. But im nice right, so i wont be so 斤斤计较 ( calculative ) with petty 7 years old one. (:

But because of this additional message. PROVEN!

Now who's the one assuming and assuming and assuming ? Dont need i say one loh. You all got eyes to see ! (:

Thus, its okay ~ He can continue assuming his whole generation will be dragged down and blaablaa. & ONCE AGAIN! i super nice, ask him use notebook write down his points! :D

Than he MIA'ed for like 10 minutes ! O_O So this time my turn! I ASSUME THAT HE REALISE THAT HE IS CONTRADICTING HIMSELF and making himself look clowny so he went into hiding already. (:

Than he suddenly pop out from rock and replied while i was busy tagging him and alibaba'ing . :D


Or MAYBE he feels that he is "paul" the octopus. How about being PARROT? lmaozx !

OH! I REM saying i wana tell you all why I SO CONFIRM the "private number" is him right!

because the "private number" only calls in the morning for morning call right? So, i messaged Danny that night when i was going to casting asking for directions. Than no message reply, 1 min later, "PRVIATE NUMBER" calls. I refuse ot pick up thinking if its danny, if he couldnt get me through the cell. He will text me! NOW MY TURN TO SAY , JUST AS PREDICTED! Once the "PRICATE NUM" HANGED, Approx. 50 secs later, DANNY MESSAGE CAME!

Dont tell me this is coincidential lor! Because if "private number" is any of my other friend, they will still call again to look for me what!!!



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