Thursday, July 1, 2010

Advertorial - LovesCoach

*Beep Beep Beepbeep beep BeEP beep Beeep BeEEEEeeePPP ! *

- long awaited post is here!! :D -

Always wanted an authentic classic COACH bag at an affordable price?

(Hurry head over and place your order!)

100% authentic, brand new with tag , authenticity card and gift receipt/photocopy of original receipt.
Direct from coach and kate spade factory in USA
( ABSOLUTELY not rejected goods! )

This pink is sooooo sweet !

Oh something to share !! Before i show you more pictures ~ I used to order apparels, lens, shoes, blaablaa (basically from top to toe) all with normal postage till my parcel got lost someday with like almost a hundred bucks worth of apparels going missing & the blogshop owner actually did nothing. SAD NOT! *&^*^@#*&!3 Now when i order anything from blogshops, i choose REGISTERED POSTAGE !! (scared already!)

*im a poor student! losing almost 100 bucks worth or apparels can makes me emo for like few days okay ! *

Its like so *beep* for them to be like all nice and sweet and loveable when i was placing order than being all ugly and rude and durian (dont ask me why durian! i just like it!) after receiving payment.

WELL! my point is ~ LovesCoach assumes all responsibility of lost items during shipment and full refund/replacement will be made to you!


This is damn chio! damndamndamn chio, in black somemoree!! EH! my birthday havent over ~ *hinthint* :x

ALL @ Affordable and lower prices than Coach and Kate Spade in Singapore!

Even their Iphone covers are so chio! ): It's a pity im not using Iphone *emos*


Where do you find a blogshop that assures you upon goods arriving safely and personal delivery to stated address in Singapore for orders S$200 and above only!!!
Meet up/self collection for all other amounts. Not using registered postage! But personally delivering it down So you can inspect the item on the spot!


*DROOLS* THIS IS MAD CHIO!! i could not resist temptation while blogging so i took 10 mins break,went over to to check it out and i saw this.

OMG! δΈ€θ§ι’Ÿζƒ… can !!!!!!! (love at first sight)
My birthday really havent over yet !! 9 SEPT UH! ( i know still very long BUT BUT! what if no more stock liaos?) =x LOL! *shimmering eyes*

Sidenote : IF you really planning to get me as a birthday present. Pu-lease rem to order now uhs ! =x Because they are all in limited pieces per design and colour!!! ):

Dont hesitate already! Just imagine you finally make up your mind than it is OOS?! :x

What are you waiting for ?

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