Monday, August 23, 2010

Advertorial ; Lipbalm

Tadahh ! Received this straight at my door step the other day. :D

A total of 5, #1 Top Selling Lipbalms in Japan!!! *screammms*

(1) Mojitate Kajitsu lipbalms
(2) Deep Moist lipbalms

Why name it mojitate kajitsu ? D: ( So complicated !! )

Mojitate means - "Fresh" while kajitsu means - "Fruits" in japanese! COOL UH!

They comes in Five different fruit mixes for you to take your pick !! :D
Strawbery, Grape & berry , orange & mango , while peach and lemon lime !

SO many choices, i almost didnt know what to pickkkkk !! XD

But of course the first 1 i took out and try will be none other than the strawberry one!! HAHAH! Typical girl next door what !!

Its in PINK leiiiiis ! D:

The strawberry flavour lipbalm confim smell like damn niceeeeeee !! The scent is soft and sweet. ( Not too heavy or too strong ) Feels so soft & gentle on the lips when applied !!
I LIKEyyy !!!!!!

My lips are always dry and forever cracking! Ever since i used Mojitate Katjisu, they become real soft and smooth. Its almost addictive to keep applying them because the scent of the blam is WOOOOO so fresh and NICE !!

I swear i feel so fruity and taste so nice everytime i apply mojitate katjitsu !! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ? Go get one from watson !! :D

There's also a contest for YOU !! (:


Now, RUN to any available watsons outlets near you, get the Mojitate Kiajitsu & Deep Moist lipbalms than share your experience story to stand to win attractive prizes!

Share your story at - []

3 lucky winners will be selected !! (:

Contest period: 16 August 2010 - 17 October 2010

Why choose Mogitate katjisu ?

Because they are made with fresh fruit juice which contains essential minerals and vitamins that beneficial to the lips and body.

It contains honey, which heals and renews the lips.

& With mogitate kajitsu lipblams, now you can get REAL, NATURAL Fruity Goodness to NOURISH your lips and make it soft, supple and OH-SO-KISSABLE!!!

Psss - i'll go seduce my bf tonight after using the strawberry flavour one! HIAKS HIAKS!! xD

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