Friday, August 27, 2010

:D Pucca & Garu

Im back from Jb + Kl trip with Sopa. But i never bought alot of things as planned cause half of our time was spend walking, walking and still walking. -_- Main thing : I still enjoyed the trip ! Hehs!

So anyway !! Simon [ my car instructor's son ] came back from hongkong on the same day as well and got me a gift. ( he insisted i blog about it -_- ) So here it is. (:

Umbrella that flew all the way back to singapore from hong kong. D: 

And the reason for buying this umbrella is because he say's its pucca and that it looks like me . O_O"
I mean, Yes ~ i like pucca but he doesnt know what pucca exactly is can !!! 

This is how Pucca look like.  She's red and has like 2 red dots on her face and ties her hair in 2bun and everything about her is red! Okay.. FINE! she does dress up in other colours but about 90% of the time is RED !!!

Side track abit uhs! I like pucca because she is like damn cute! Go check out her videos and you will know she likes Garu like damn fcuking alot and is always trying to tie Garu to herself using all sorts of methods and ways.

Just like Sopa & me ! :x HAHAHA!

& this is GARU !!! >.< HAAHAHA! Like ninja like that ! LOL.! hen CUTEEEEEEE HOR ! ;x

Okay ! So back to topic.

The umbrella look like this . Where got look like Pucca!? Okay ! MAYBE 35% ? LOL! It looks like japanese doll to me only lohsss!! Maybe look abit like me? like 45% ?! Dont believe? I also dont believe till i transform my picture a little. ;x Watch uhs ! 
Adjust hair to center parting. I know i look cocky but for the sake of you all ~ ITS OKAY!! you can laugh ! The most i emo abit later only. LOL!  & i dont have high forehead okay !! Its just the angle of the camera and the way my hair is placed !!!  TSK !

5 mins &  i transformed to this.....

HAHAHAH! Now got look like liao right!!!!! ;x  HAHAHAHHHAHA ! ;x 

Side by side !! Where got people so good one ! Make herself look so funny still help you put side by side to compare and let you laugh !!! Correct not ? So, you must be nice as well !! xD read the post below and DO IT! Although its really very troublesome and i never like doing things like that too. HAHAHA! ;x

Alrighty ! Imma gona go get some food already ! ^.^

p/s- Vanilla twilight . Imy ! :D

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