Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Naked face; photoshopped face (:

I'm terribly sick ):

Coughing and sneezing badly and the medicine from polyclinic's not helping at all can ! D: Never even give me antibiotic ! T_T

So anyway, i totally understand i've neglected my blog cause im very lazy. Since im sick now, i got time to blog already! :)

Yifeng says i wont dare to put up pictures of my naked face. SO here it is!! ALL NAKED ! (: This was taken early in the morning before heading down to Tony & guy and have my hair cut few months ago.

Many asked me if i regretted being their hair model, the answer is N.O. (: For the first time in my life, i got the courage to cut something so short leis!! APPLAUD PLEASE! ;x lol~

YES! ugly ttm (to the max) . Small eyes, eyes bag, big nose, untidy hair, eyebrow not drawn, no eyelash etc .. (dont say i only critisize other people okay!)

& with photoshop around to draw the brows, apply the base, concealer etc etc. XD Its like having digital mascara, foundation, concealer, eyebrow pencil etc.. ( Except no lip gloss )

Give me a chance to redeem myself with my photoshopped face. ^-^ NICE BO! :D

I know i pro. (: dont like that ! HAH!

On a side note, i got another MC for today ! ^-^ hehs ! && imma invited to sample new dishes at st.james powerhouse and listen to their new band tml and im bringing YIFENG along with me :D *EXCITED!!*

Stay tune for my post! HEHE!

P/s - I miss sopa a lil more today ! ^-^

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