Thursday, August 12, 2010

No inspiration leyyy !

I mean i really really really wana blog something really really nice. But i got no inspiration leyys!

Like, im back tgt with Jthl since last month or so and my life is like superb not interesting anymore.
(yaya!we broke up for 3 months plus. SO SO SO ? You all never quarrel with bf and break up mehs ? tsk ! )

*Btw, I totally didnt meant that he is boring, hor hor hor! *

On a side note, i think Santa heard my X'mas wish last year. ^____^ *GRINS*

My wish (click to see the x'mas wish i made last year)

Momo used to tell me "Only good children will be rewarded by santa" when i was a child.
She is still telling my younger cousins now ( those young ones ) and when year end comes, you will see her going to shopping malls and being the "santa" herself. LMAO!

So anyway! This year passed like damn fast & Jthl birthday is around the CORNER !!!!

Suggestions on what to get for a 27 years old guy? I made him a album last year, appear outside his house at 12am sharp with birthday cake and got him melting making giving his first wish upon the candles to be
: " i promise myself, i will not change gf again". ( BUT he still changed me away for 3 months anyway, Okay ! to be fair, me too . -_- ) & I bought him 2 tops & 3 bottoms.

This year, i wanted to bring him to Bkk to relax for awhile but MY EXAMS IS ON HIS BIRTHDAY all the way TILL AFTER MY BIRTHDAY and still EXAM'ING!!! ): FML

SO! You can either mail me or twit me your suggestions!!! :D ,

The best suggestions get to win a lil token of appreciation from me ! :D HEHE
I'll post it up and mail you my token of appreciation :DDDDDD FLOOD ME YO! (:

p/s - wheres the key ? ):

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