Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy 20th birthday ! (:

Happy 20th birthday to myself ! Few days back, i turned 20 ! ):
Once in a lifetime, hit "2" and thats its! No turning back already !! Im old already !!! ):

Thank you once again, for all who attended and <3 to belle'ling who gave me a surprised ice cream birthday cake. (: So sweeeeeeeet. Though it turned out not a surprise anymore. HAHAHA! -__-

Was working before heading down to my celebration okay ! D: So hardworking !!!  But i swear, the boots is damn hurting though it was fun playing around with the girls. HAHA! 

Eliza behind. :D She keep poping up and make random faces when i was trying to camwhore in the toilet !! D: Oh ! & i made her wait an hour for me on our first day of work. HAHAHA ! she confirm very punctual ! :x  ( Lesson learned : its better to be late so you dont have to wait ! ;x LOL! )

Than i keep running to the toilet with the girls to eat snake. HAHAHAHAHHAHA! damn bad but i like ! ;x LOL!

 Oh ! tml LAST PAPER ALREADY !!! HALLEHLLUAHH !!!! GOD BLESSS ME ! Tml is my worse module and i really hate it TTM ! ):  so , im gona go rest now so i got more ENERGY to stare at the paper tml. ): sobbbbs!

Before i end,

p/s - Tp on at 18th! GOD BLESS! ):

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