Monday, September 20, 2010

I am angry so i think i should blog randomly !! HAHA! ( Since i haven't been blogging regularly )
& blogging keeps my attnetion focused. So i will coool down after blogging ! ( okay, bullshit )

So anyway, i totally bear like no grudges or anything against cross-eye people. But i find it hard to talk to them or communicate with them ):  Especially when its like only one of their eye! D:

You know they have like one of their eyes stucked in the middle or at the side or at somewhere and they doesnt move?


Wahh! Damn hard to talk to them can ? I remember once i was Q'ing for kfc and the aunty that happens to serve me was cross-eyed. When it was my turn, i placed my order and while waiting, she strike up a conversation with me.

Something like : " 小妹,看起来很年轻。还在读书啊?"
(Direct translation: young girl, look very young. Still schooling ? )

So, obviously i wouldnt regard myself as 小妹 (young girl) . So, i thought she wasnt talking to me. Thus, not replying.  ( who would talk to a stranger with so limited timing ? But apparently she is over friendly and talked to everyone anyway )

Than she repeated the same question twice while facing me and packing my food. But still, i didnt answer her. ( BUT I DID LOOK AROUND! I SWEAR! )

But you know because her eye is like facing outwards and stucked there? So, I THOUGHT SHE IS TALKING TO SOMEONE ELSE? & i only realise she was cross-eyed after like she finish repeating her question 3rd time? 

So i awkardly look around and asked, "你在跟我讲话啊?" ( you talking to me ? )

I KNOW I KNOW!! Stupid question!! But i was too awkard to think of anything !! ): i felt bad. D:

But i cant help it, neither can she? D: What to do? -_-

& This type of incident not only happened once lor ! I remembered having a classmate in secondary school having the same problem and he totally scolded me for ignoring him after repeating his question for like effing 4 or 5 times. ( AND I TOTALLY IGNORED HIM! )

He wasnt a very close classmate of mine what !? ( cept, i always asked for his hmwork to copy and such )

It wasnt my fault because he randomly asked if i would be going for movie with the class i think.

I mean, we are not close so why would he ask me right?  Yes, he was facing me BUT his eyes is not looking at me what!!!!! Imagine, he is not talking to me. THAN 不是 paisei 自己 ?!

So anyway, my point is if your eyes like this. Maybe you should not wear contact lens to like attract attention over to your eyes & like you know they are already attracting lots of attention even without lens. So yea, be humble. Camwhore lesser. ( Cause the pictures doesnt turn out nice anyway ) Oh! and not even photoshops can help i guess ? Unless you are as pro as me ? LOL.  I mean no harm !! ): I just wana share how i feel! :D

Okay whatever! my HONEY coated chicken wing is ready to be in my stomach now so, CIAOS!

Before i go !  :D
I know ~ i know ! dont have to compliment me. HAHAHAHA! :x

p/s- No hard feelings! I'm just sharing. Apology if any of you feel affected or insulted or too allergic to my post and thought im talking about you. ( Cant help it though )

p/p/s- I would rather stay home rotting than going school ! So, TIME please move slowly ~ School's starting like DAMN soon. ): Few more weeks to go!


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sibei funny!!!! i also got story with that classmate. :x lollols !

kammygkx said...

sibei funny ! lols ! i als got one story with that classmate. hahahahahahaha.