Thursday, September 9, 2010

[Omy] Lovecut Movie preview

Caught Love cuts Movie preview on sunday afternoon ! :D
" 预防胜于治疗! "
 Two main leads for the movie- MediaCorp actress: Zoe Tay
 Hong Kong actor : Kenny Ho

Firstly, i got to admit i teared abit while watching the movie. I swear it is applebananaorange touching at various parts of the show.  They just seems to be so related to your life and you just cant stop your tears from rolling down on their own. D: 

The first local film thats contain cantonese i think. There are parts where the actors speaks in cantonese. It makes it very heart warming for those having cantonese as their dialect. Though im hokkien, i still understand a teeeny weeeny bit of canto !! So, it still alright for me. Besides, if you dont understand cantonese than read the subtitle la !! Duh !

So anyway, i was late as usual and the tickets i got is like superrrrr infront those kind. Not a bad thing except for having my neck strained like tortise. Why ? ( you will find out later!! )

The show is basically about 2 different person with differnt backgrounds having to discover breast cancer in them and how they both treated the illness with different perspection and attitude in life.How their family and friends reacted than having different endings for you to compare and contrast.
Oh and there is this significant part that i will never forget. ( i know im spoiling the show BUT ITS ONLY ABIT WHAT !)  Cover your eyes if you dont wana know what happened in One SMALL part of the show !

Okay ! The scene is like the daughter (Zoe's daughter) was caught being sneaky and sniffing her mother clothes by her dad & the dad confronted her.
The lines are something like that -

Dad: 你在做什么?为什么拿妈妈的衣服?
Daughter: 我很喜欢妈妈的味道, 我怕以后妈妈走了就在也不能闻到她的味到. (than she start sobbing) 所一现在先偷偷把妈妈的衣服收起来。万一妈妈真的不在了,可以一件一件拿出来闻。
Dad: * tears welling up, look at daughter sadly *

Damn sad right!! I cried at this part lor !!! ): Okay ! The rest, CATCH IT and you will know !!!!

So anyway, my movie partner of the day :  Jasmine Oh bui bui !

Thats not all !! After the show ends, 2 of the directors came out to share their view, reasons, feelings, thoughts about the show. Question and Answers time were given. I too shy , so i never asked any although i really feel like asking them which is the part where they feel damn proud of ? ( CAUSE like all the parts also very nice leyyy ! )

This is taken from where i sit. The woman in the center is a victim of breast cancer and that she is there to share her experience and how she fought with breast cancer.

From her checkups to following doctors advise and conquering it !

Quoted from her : Facing a problem is always better than running away from it because you can run away from it now but you cant run away from it forever.

& lastly i think i remember Zoey Tay saying something like that in the show, "people that is sick must be stronger than people thats not sick because they are the one being affected not knowing what to do or how to help you". ( obviously in chinese, but i lazy )

So anyway ! CATCH THE MOVIE ON THEATRE! its totally worth the lil money  !! (:

p/s- Happy birthday to myself !! :D

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