Thursday, October 21, 2010


Skipped school today.  ( Not what i intended though )

Stayed at bb's house last night. I feel asleep after dinner than bb woke me up in the middle of the night to remove my lens ( As usual, he would fill up my case with solution than bring it to me than wake me up  )

I know! DAMN SWEET RIGHT!  ( actually he scared i blind, than have to take care of a blind girlfriend / might even end up ditching me lor D: )

SO ANYWAY ! i woke up and remove my lens as usual. So, this time they are like super DRY and stuck to my eyeballs but the BUAY SONG ME that wants to sleep eagerly never patiently take out. I JUST LIKE FORCE IT OUT AND I MANAGE TO TAKE OUT !!!

BUT i INSTANTLY feel my eyes hurting . So i pekchek'ly stood up and went to the mirror. THAN I IS SUPER THE SHOCK BECAUSE I SAW HALF OF MY CONTACT LENS INSIDE MY EYES AND WHEN I BLINK LIKE TWICE, IT WENT MISSING !!!!!!!!!!

But i is super calm la ! i sat down and waited awhile ( thinking it will slide down after touring my eyes ) and than open my eyes again. & IT REALLY DID !!  Quickly took out half of the lens and than went to bed telling myself , TML DONT NEED GO SCHOOL LOH ~~

Cause no lens, go school also kua bo one. *LAUGHS*

So, i ended up switiching off all the alarms. Hehe! Anyway who can stand being literally half blind ? NOT ME! i hate blur images and im like ALMOST BLIND WITHOUT MY LENS !!! D:

aiya! i tired already ! just had a tiff with bb. D: ciaos !

p/s- Biore ADVT up next. (: I promise !

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