Friday, October 1, 2010

Essential - Damage Care [updated]

Yippy Ya Ya, Yippy Yippy Ya ~ Yippy Ya YA, Yippy Yippy YA !

Look at what i received this time from fr3b !! ^.^
Alrighty ! Stop staring at my chio smooth hair! :D HAH!

They transformed from dry, frizzy, lousy,ugly hair to strong beautiful soft hair, THANKS TO ESSENTIALS!!

 As you know, i was Tony & Guy hair model few months back for a hairshow. And than my hair was constantly dyed, bleached, dyed, bleached afew times in a day. I almost feel myself becoming botak like anytime! ):

It was dyed total black than bleached 4 times to gold (removing the black) .
Than light blue , purple, dark blue bright green, brown, dirty green and lastly red.

They were all done within 2 months! ):

I managaed to dig out a few colours .
I regret TTM for being a T&G hair model because, after shampooing my hair and conditioning them. They felt like rubber when they are wet and breakable neon strings when they are dry. That period of time, i was damn emo.

Now, i have essentials. They are like super heros ! & i love them TTM !!!

Why Essentials ?

 Do you know the last 15cm of your hair is very important ?

Hair essence of ESSENTIAL ! & THEY ARE THE SUPERMAN ! (:

 Orange bottle  : Rich Premier, Gives untamable hair a SMOOTH and MANAGABLE feel

While the

 Pink bottle  : Nuance Airy, Gives limp and flat hair a LIGHT and BOUNCY feel

   They both instantly repairs damage hair surface !!    

My hair FINALLY became SMOOTH AND MANAGEABLE instead of dry and frizzy when Rich premier essence appear !! 

Thank god , my wish came through ! :)

ALL thanks to :

Oh! My before and after pictures !! (:


I love my hair so much now :D HAAHAHHAHHA . Dont envy me! Go get yours now ! (:

Check out for more information

Essential Hair Tvc

p/s- Next up, Charlie st. cloud Movie preview

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