Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Halloween @ Night safari

Bb and me went Night safari last friday. Just me & him ! ( 甜蜜蜜 what! So many people for what ? )

Than he punctually reached woodlands Mrt to wait patiently for me cause we plan to cab to Mandai together.
(Plus point okay! How many of your bf are willing to reach puntually/sometimes ealier to wait for a gf that he knows deep down inside his heart that - SHE WILL NEVER BE EARLY despite telling you she will this time.  *the time never comes* ;x )

So anyway, our first station was the Tram ride.
Bf love keep complains about the smell at certain station for certain animal.

Bf : Wah lan ! Gumpua smelly !
Me : YA LOR! Smell like you sial ~  *laughs*

( obviously he would deny smelling like that cause he bath like 3-5 times aday for idontknowwhat reason )

 Side track abit  - I mean like, who on earth bath so many times when you're at home?
Dont tell me your house is as dirty as the construction site or something like that lor. D:

Okay, maybe its because i don KEEP bathing. I can dont bath when im at home for the whole day than maybe get a quick shower before i go to bed thats all. ( note : i said "maybe" ) LOL.

WHAT?! You stay at home also never go out. BATH SO MUCH FOR WHAT! -_-
( also not like you went out than dirty already so come home must bath right ! )

whatever whatever! D:

back to night safari trip.
Elements found at the side of the routes that the tram goes. No flash allowed, but i manage to capture afew.(:

Once in awhile, there will be like human made ghost or like ugly creature running up to the tram than screams at you, stare at you, disturb you and all. D:
I dont know whats this man with like fake muscle doing la! D: he is not even scary cept he was swinging the plastic chain like damn anyhowly before he climb up the tram. I was even prepared to go down and kick him if he ever let the plastic chain hit me lor ! ( BAHHH ! )

Apparently there is like a ghost wedding or something at the end of the route.

Than the tram journey ended after like 20 mins or so ? ( i cant rem )
It was all whispering and talking and cuddling + disturbing + kp'ing with bb. Where got time to notice the tram takes how long to finish the route ?

Besides, Bb was spoiling all the scaryness by telling me : " EH ! in front here got one hiding ! "
" there got one behind the tree " , " there got one squating ".

" eh here ! "  , " eh there! " , " eh here ! " , " eh there ! "

blaablaablaaaa ~

Than we went to the haunted mansion .

like a short walk into the mansion. With like damn long Queue . D:
Many "tombs" along the side and i think they look like damn real so i took a picture of it. *zoomed in though*

I screamed ONCE !! D:  & its all Bb's fault. He like asked me if the man on a table or something is real or fake. Than when i turned around and wanted to take a look that ugly man jumped and screamed at me.

HOW TO NOT SCREAM ?! Its not because i humji lor .

No photography inside, so no pictures. =[

After the OH-SO-NOT SCARY haunted mansion. We went to fill up out tummy. xD

Next up : Trail

we went to the trail thingy where you get to walk and see animals with like "ghost" hidden everywhere.
The entrance of the trail.

I think this one look like bb. :D

The one on the right look like my long abandon Charlie baby. ( the one i used to comb his hair like everyday when i was 6. HAHAHA)

If you havent realise, ONE OF THEM IS FAKE !!!  D:

dont know which one right! Bb insist both is real. NO brain.

Last doll before i end my post & that marks the end of the trip .

There are alot of "ghost" i wana take with but didnt have a chance to cause if i take, bb wont be in and if bb take, i wont be in the picture. ):

So we sacrificed. Jitao drop the idea. xD

School reopen already. ): So, back to no life now. Kthxbye !


Anonymous said...

actually the both the twins are real. i work there... so. xD

TardyQueen said...

No? The other one had a fake hand and both no energy leg and feet! how can it be real !? D:

Anonymous said...

the twin doll are real. XD i work there as one of the "ghost"

TardyQueen said...

D: Okayyyyyyyyyy ! fine! D: i no brain. (T_T)

TardyQueen said...

D: Okayyyyyyyyyy ! fine! D: i no brain. (T_T)

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAA! wheres the 'like' button. yea both of them are real..

Anonymous said...

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