Monday, October 4, 2010

Hotlinks !

 Im finally linking people up on my blog .  *screams*
 ( cause i see other people put chio pictures of other people on their blog like not bad leys! ;x )

WHAT!! Copying is another form of praising. LOL!
( p/s - this excuse is only valid when i copy people & NOT USABLE if you copy me !! )

So, if you copy me - you are a copycat and not praising me! GET IT !!

The1st link up. Jayley !! :D 
You get little surprises and gifts from her blog. Sweet post, singing videos etc..

The 2nd link up QiuQiu.
Lots of adverts, cheap deals, super entertaining blog !! I like ! ^.^ hiaks ~

p/s- ): Im superb lazy to BLOG about the chijmes partehhh ! ):  Datedue is 6 oct . So, i still got like 2 more days! BLEAHHH!

p/p/s - Links is up at the right sidebar . (:

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