Saturday, October 2, 2010

Movie Preview: Charlie St. Cloud

Movie preview : Charlie St. Cloud on thursday 7.30pm @ Illuma

3/5 stars 
The story was kept as close as it can to the book but than i find it a little teeny weeny draggy.
Moview partner for the day : Bf .
Ignore his face. Cause he very buay song i cheat him down to watch love story. HAHAH!

So anyway, the main lead Zac Efron is like Shuai TTM CAN !?
Bf and i totally agree he really is ! ( Btw, this is the first time bf and agree on someone's look )
So, the show is about this young man Charlie who is an accomplished sailor that survived a car accident and unforturnately his little brother did not.

This left him pretty much in guilt and that his life was totally changed aftermath.He was able to see the world differently and that he led his life for 5 years holding on to a promise made from him to his little brother.

 & for the 5 years, everyday without fail, & he only finally manage to let go of the past he was holding on when he met "her".

Charlie st. Cloud is out in threatre now, i suppose ! So, hurry !Date your girlfriend out and catch it together. ( Ladies would never reject a love story dudes! )

p/s- Next up, Chijmes Party. (:

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