Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My 19th birthday present from the girls [=

A million thanks to My girlfriends, as shown below for my Katespade wallet. [=  The wallet flew all the way from Us than reached my doorstep. 

[ I just thought i should credit them since Belle'ling says she spend alot of time choosing the wallet forgetting her taste and mine is totally different :x ]

It was meant to be a surprise when the man knocks on my door but i went out :x LOL!  & also the SMART me already know they ordered the wallet from one of the website i advertised few months back . D: 

If you have missed ,  [ ]

Remember how i was screaming and yelling about the damn chio wallets? Yea! One of them.  =]

Dont stare at my make-up less face and undone hair ! D: & this is 3 of my wonderful girlfriends.  [ Not forgetting, kammy who is unable to join us on Belle'ling birthday ]

p/s - Loving lao kok kok baby more and more each day. AHAHAHAHAH!

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