Monday, October 25, 2010

[Omy] Invited Visit to Spooktacular for Halloween !

Successfully RSVP my slots to Spooktacular last friday  ! *Million thanks to OMY*

I get to experience my first halloween celebration at sentosa with partner of the day :  Jayley  !

( Dated her out @ twitter & she say YES. *hops around* )
psss.. & i got to know Jayley is pronouced as Jay-ly and not Jay-lei ! :x  (Paisei la! 20 years old my life but i first time came across to unique the name what ! )

She dressed up as a bike chick or issit biker chick. (something like that ! ) While i Chincai (anyhow) wear and brought a horn out. Call me an "anyhow'ly woman devil" or something la. :x
Dont ask my why My iphone 4 camera quality like that cause i also dont know ! D:
btw - This is like in one of the sponsored elements. (:  (More below!)

Okay ! TardyQueen was late as usual with the meeting up with Jayley BUT we are like NOT LATE when we reach there!

We are suppose to reach at 6:30pm SHARP according to the email. So me and Jayley really reachon the dot at 6:30pm. ( no more no less ! ) Im NOT LATE LEY !  (SMILE BIGBIG)

But Janet's ( the in-charge ) was late. :x *Laughs* So i happily keep prasing myself and grumbling about having to wait for people.

I think Jayley feel like taping my mouth at that moment. *giggles*

Camwhore abit while waiting for them to reach. (: (actually not camwhore la. Cause only got 2 what ! :x )

Than Janet arrived. Gathered up all the people. (: 
Gave us the Media pass ( the "ticket" to access to all the rides ) Important pass okay !

WHY ? Cause got the pass, all the elements in spooktacular dont need pay money ! :x (Yes! very realistic, BUT TRUE AND HONEST WHAT! )

Than it was a guided walk for the "Merlion trail". So, we can take pictures. (: Because without being guided, no pictures can be taken !

Now, let the pictures/captions and a lil description do the talking ! (:
Before entering, we have to be like in groups of of 6 or 8  ( i cannot rem clearly )
Than we will be given like ropes for us to hook our little cute hand inside.

Not for fun but incase any of us is get lost inside or like is too scared, we can like all squat down and raise our hand to seek for help. ( like, asking all the fake "ghost" to go away ) *hoho*

i dont know where he came from. I just know i was busy screaming and looking out for hidden "ghost" with my hand anyhow'ly clicking the camera! :x 
(People scared what! Yes! you know they are fake ones BUT you will still get shocked and all what ! )

This one damn funnnneh ! She stood there very long till i walk pass her and she points @ me and shout :

Didnt got a chance to shout back but if i get a chance i would let her know :  " EH ! wth ~~ NEW ONE HOR ! Yours than not pretty lor ! D:  "

This one stood at the door look like damn pathetic. D: But i and Jayley is super scared he might suddenly scream of like shout or like jump at us or even pull our legs. So we hesitated for awhile before entering the door. :x
Cause the people behind holding the rope as well keep :" WALK LEY ! WHY DONT WALK ?! "
tsk ! & i no balls tell them, I SCARED WHAT! CANNOT WAIT MEH! :x
So anyway, he is really obedient. He doesnt move ! D: LOL. His face like got vegetables stuck on it like that -_-

They are camping..... for us. D: TSK !
Than if i never rem wrongly, the route ends like after this.

Than we were given hairbands & mines Pumpkin ! Hiaks !
Than i realise if i wear it on cannot take self shot. KUA BO EH ! D: Oh ! & the pumpkin got light one hor!

Than they got like tombs that look damn real at the side.

This is the other 2 elements. (:
Spooktacular @ sentosa is the largest hallowen celebration in asia. So ITS A MUST GO BABY ! xD
& also BECAUSE BONEY SAYS HE is waiting for YOU ! ^.^
& BONEY 2 & his not yet become boney ghost girlfriend too !!!

Inside tower of Fear D:  Like a scary only uh ! (: 


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