Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dead by now

Yea ~ We should, all be dead by now. Looking at all the emo status being updated to facebook! (Yea, i accept almost anyone that added me on facebook. Thus, it is max now with a thousand plus on pending and having a 2nd account -_- )

Anyway, thats beside the point! The point is, recently i keep see'ing teenagers wanting to die on newsfeed.

Check this out .

She is 13 and is mass spamming her facebook with "going to die" status like this.  She is not the only one fyi ! Quite a handful of my facebook teenagers act like this.

I mean Yes! it is NONE of my business and i should MIND my own business BUT THAN AGAIN, i really dont see what is there to be stressed about at the age of 13 and wishing she didnt exist.

Frankly speaking, i actually feel sorry for her. 13 years old life should be nice and sweet because it is a beginning of your secondary 2 life where you have already made many friends ( in secondary 1 and streaming is like in secondary 3  ) and thus, already choosen who is your bestfriend or who is your goodfriend.

( I mean no one is like me ? Too anti social to make any nice friends after surviving about approx. 1 and a half year of poly life )

Also, I KNOW ! Parents can be stressing ( but unforturnately, her parents (i know personally) is not stressing her AT ALL ) , school work could be killing ( but too bad, her school seems to be more of a relax type ) Bgr ? ( oh please, this is not the age for dating ! 13 YEARS OLD! )

So anyway, Congrats EARTH'ling that survived their teenage years ( *roll eyes* ) , Including myself.

Pssss.... Now i wonder how did i ever did that?  ( Maybe im braver ) *roll eyes x2 *

People! Life's fragile ~ Please uhs ! When you wana take your own life away, THINK about those that wana stay on but didnt have a choice. How about those that are still fighting against uncurable sickness to stay on with their life even when they know their chances are slim ?

My dear gf had a operation this morning for her poor leg & she have not even give up on her life  ( though she keep saying how she wana die painlessly if she could not walk again ) .

p/s- Get well soon girl ! XOXO

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