Friday, November 5, 2010

Hair Product - Liese

Firstly, i apologise for the low quality, ugly pictures in the following post. ( My digital camera met with a mishap and had died on me after i finish Video'ing, Camwhoring on it for this Liese product review ) *swear & curse ! *

Secondly, this explains why i am so reluctant to blog this Liese hair product up. Because, the product IS SO GREAT IT DESERVE TO BE BLOGGED UP NICELY. ):  I fail you all because my digital camera fail me . ):

Lastly, Photos are taken with my lousy iphone. ( last min - so, dont expect anything at all ._. )


Before i start off with anything, Liese is NOT pronouced as,

liess, lease, lie is, li see
 Lee Za 

Now, you get it ? Dont worry ! I thought it was pronouced as "Lease" at first. LOL! xD
Liese Clear cube Wax   ( for hair straightening ) 

the number indicates strongest hair setting power. 06 being the strongest.
Where to get them : Watsons, Guardian, Major supermarkets and hypermarkets
 29g @ $6.90   &   65g @ $12.90

Received the Blue one !  *grins*  Surprisingly it smells damn sweet & not STICKY AT ALL!

Direction for using : Spread pearl size to palm than fingers to style.

It provides excellent hold in humid weather !

Left to right. 
Just dried hair after bathing, Apply it and watch your hair conditional improve.
(dont bother looking at the face, i blured them cause i cant stand looking at them myself . LOL)

Oh! I was out the other day after apply this hair straightening hair wax. I was surprise to see my hair not curling up even after a whole day out. ( psss. even after i sweat, my hair still smell nice !! )
You know like shoulder length hair always have this problem of having the end of the hair curling up cause
it touches your shoulder and the shape will be formed natually ?
I HATE IT ! -_-  its so shitting having the end curled up like some olden days aunty ):

I'm so glad Liese had this product ! :) Now, i can go party the whole day than still head over to boyfriend's house ! ( Usually i would head home cause i dont wana let him see my curl hair , UGLY ttm ! )

Ya! i know, if he really loves me he wouldnt mind . BUT, i never say he mind ! I just wana appear pretty infront of him everytime he sees me CAN ?! *roll eyes*

Okay back to Liese ~  side tracked :x 

picture taken from -
2nd product i received is this!!!! *screams excitedly* BECAUSE I MAD LOVE THIS !

This is call Liese Smooth Cocktail.

bi-layer treatment mist -Moisture Milk & repairing water .
Smoothen out your tangles instantly by replacing your dryness and broken ends with smooth and moist finish.

*shake well before use ! *

Where to get them : Watsons, Guardian, Major supermarkets and hypermarkets

Selling price @ $15.90

& the reason why i really really like this ttm is because the smell is damn fruity and not heavy at all!

Okay, all my girlfriends know that i am like super sensitive to perfumes and i would literally scold them when they put on perfumes and meet me. Even bf's get the same scolding if he does cause i really really hate smelling them. Like, your natural body alreaydy have like nice smells what! why do you need to spray like damn heavy perfumes on yourself and make yourself smell smelly ?! -_- Unless you are those that smell smelly naturally than perfumes are used to cover up ur body smell or something la !
So, i really dont see the point in spraying perfumes if you dont have body odour or something.

SO, back to topic. This hair spray scent is damn sweet i would keep spraying and spraying non-stop !
i mean like even after my hair is not tangled, i would still continue spraying just to smell nice! HAHAH!


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