Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Shishedo Mask


Im IN school today & IM NOT LATE !  (Psss...this is the first time im not late ever since school started -__- )
Because im either late, no show or come halfway than go home. YA LA! i know i useless already ! SHUT !

*sulky face*

So, ANYWAY! Im helping a friend to clear her stocks for shishedo mask cause her blogshop closing down already .

       the black one - Black head remover

& the white one - Whitening & moisturing 
Dont have to introduce much cause when it comes to shishedo, EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT IT ! *screams*

Mask @ $1.50/= each .   
Email :  ( not msn )

Note : Upon confirmation, 24 hours for transaction.  ( 3 days before i stop taking orders )

p/s - while stock last !
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