Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Upclose & personal

Ohayo to all earthings reading this lil space of mine. ^.^ 

I just thought i would update a little since im in school (fast connections :x) hellos! We dont pay the school so much for lousy connections okay! 1k + per month hor! ( expensive max! At least to me . )

& also my lil space is like filled up with reviews and all, nothing about myself already ley !! ( i realised that , i do! )


click to redeem yours for FREEEEE! [=

[ all bout bb & me ]

I dont know la! But you all seems to be very interested in my bb. Cause my formspring is all flooded with question about/related to him. -_-  ( i delete about 80% & answered like 10% when im free, i stare at another 10% and remain speechless . LOL)

Short profiling : Joel, 27 . Father of 1. Short & hairy :x ( HAHAAHAHHA )

& YES! I met him in a game sometime in 2008 year end (nov) and we met on 2009 valentine day.
okay! thats all . ( come to think about it, i dont even dare tell people i met him in a game previously lor! LOL. i dont know? like who would believe a couple that met in game could be together? ) I also first time! ;x  ( plus! i was heartbrokened the other time. Cause my 1 year 9 months r/s just ended in sep06 )

Okay so, nothing much changes cept bb got a 面包车 to drive around. [=  & he had been spending alot of time in his  面包车.  ( Cause he keep getting lost )

I dont know who on earth cept him can drive to changi airport when his destination is pasiris from hougang.
I dont know who on earth needs 1 hour and a half to get to bukitbatok from bedok.

( seems like the  面包车 is not helping him at all cept he doesnt need to move his demo set around)

This is bb in his  面包车 with small head shaking winnie the pooh . ( the pooh head moves! )

Oh & no more quarrels between bb & me anymoree ( touch wood, touch wood )

know why? Cause he cant be bothered anymore ;x No la ! Its just that, he learned to trust me and always keep his eyes closed when i do something wrong. XD

& he is damn sweet. (:

I was complaining alot when he asked me to do him a favour. *laughs* So cute hor ! xD but i also dont know why contract till 60 years old only.

When im 60, he is 67 . O_o  I think he feel that he wont live till so old. so 40 more years is enough. LOL.
Or is it because i randomly tell him i wana walk the park holding his hand 40 years later because we saw a granny and granddy
( i dont know what word to use other than grandfather but grandfather feels weird leyy cause that old man also not my grandfather :x LOL. granddy sounds nice anyway. XD )

whatever it is. Life's completed now ! (:

p/s-  You only need to have 1 Bestfriend in a thousand friends.  & thats totally enough.

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