Thursday, November 18, 2010

Welcome the New member [ handicapped hammy ] to my family :D

Recently house seems to become a small tiny pet shop ! Mei mei brought back another black hammy today.
Scolded her before listening to any of her story. *guilty max now*  Because the tiny little black hammy is does not have a leg. D:

Super POOR THING ! ): Its super duper cute. Black in colour but doesnt have a leg.
Before you start screwing me for scolding my poor sis, check out the amount of hammies i have at home. ):

Some is like in just normal container without WATER! & me, my momo, my sis, my kor have to constantly feed them with water whenever we walk pass the cages. (torturing uh?)

Imagine you are one of the hammy suffering from thirst and have to wait till your owner walk pass to feed you with water. POOR THING NOT!!!!

Thats why im against the idea of bringing more back to suffer and am GIVING THEM AWAY IF ANY OF THE KIND HEARTED SOULS WANTS THEM!

let me repeat myself, THEY ARE FOR ADOPTIONS ! D: ANYONE! [cept my fav; feifei]

& they are all very guailan ! [ they used to be able to stay tgt in a cage till someday dont know which hammy go attack a son bb till the nose almost dropped out and bleed profusely ]

THAN I HAD NO CHOICE, but to seperate EVERY SINGLE one of them !  ]=

This is daddy hammy ! [ also the cause of so much hammies ]
When daddy and mummy hammies stays tgt in a cage, daddy hammy will keep attacking mummy hammy! -_-

sex drive too high -_-

this is little handicapped with 1 leg missing.

So, i named it perfect. Since it cant be prefect in real, than let his name be perfect. (:

okay, so my msg here is - PLEASE ADOPT THEM if you are planning to buy one and have all the cages and foods and everything to give them a nice sweet home. ): 

please email me -

oh! i forget! the cage below contains the birthday present given by my sis ex bf a year ago. D:

Her name is BanBan !  (yes, the board that ban)
Causewhen she likes to lie down as flat as ban ! Its like her fav pose like that  -_-

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