Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bio Essence - BB cream

Allow me to scream first before i blog anything yea ? (ALREADY SCREAMING! )

i love tss so much i wana hug and kiss them like NOW !!! 

Look what was nicely wrapped and delivered to my doorstep!

( WHAT! im easily contented cause im a lil woman (小女人) what !  BUAY SAI MEHS!? D: )
I swear i love bb cream like 831237126389 times more than you can imagine !! 

okayyyyyyy ! So anyway the package came tgt with an Orange! *laughs* 
& there you go ~  Enjoy !

Just when i was thinking about how to help Ms Orange, something shinnnnnnnning pierced through my eyee !!!!  ( damn drama i know !! but i LIKE! xD )

 Plays Music ~  " CHng Chng CCCCHNGGGGG ! "

Ready to see Ms.Orange now?! READY ?!
no. i dont think you are !

Ready ? Yes ? NO ? D: say please? :x LOL!
Eh! you all dont seems excited leyyyyy ! ):

whatever! I EXCITED to show you !!!  XD

AMAZING ? YES ! ( okay i know you saw the orangey sides! I STINGY CAN! The product is so great i dont bear to apply alot on the orange :x so only one side is covered ! )

LOOOK ! The Rough , huge pores are now nicely CONCEALED !

 Bio Multi-effect BB Cream for Coverage

 -  This BB Cream has 8 in 1 effects with SPF 25 coverage !!
The best remedy to get nice fair skins is to protect your SKIN everyday ! & WHAT acts like a sunblock can also be like a base foundation and like dont have to use concealer to cover your pores or pimples or eye bags.

 CONVENIENT NOT?! (Super lor! I like!!!)

      - This BB Cream has the strongest coverage out of the 3 bb creams
  - Instead of speading the bb cream, pat the bb cream gently on ur face so it blends in with ur skin nice and smoothly. :D

The best part of it, Not sticky, Not clumpy, Not Oily !

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