Thursday, December 2, 2010

The haunted house project

Once again, a million thanks to OMY for " The Haunted House Project " .

i would rate it a 2.5 / 5 stars.

Nopes! Not that it is not scary or not nice !! ( dont assume okay ! D: READ ! )

Oh btw ! Movie partner of the day is Bb ! But it was raining heavily that day and traffic jamming is TERRIBLE! So, we never take picture . ):

So, Just in case you forget how we look like.
Heres a picture of our photoshopped tweety bird face. HAHAHAHAHA  :x

okay ! back to the movieee !

But before i proceed, if you are people that will easily get nauseous while L4d, Counterstrike and similar type of game kind than i guess you better skip this movie.

Because im like this kind of people and like while watching the movie i wana kill myself.

On the other hand, bb enjoyed the show.  -__-  ( that explains why its a 2.5/5 for me )
bb says its a 3.5/5 for him cause he didnt understand the ending.


Background story : The story is actually about this haunted house that many had died or went missing, murdered, or had accidents in over the course of 42 years.

A total of 6 decided to look into the house ( 3 paranormal investigator & 3 camera crew  ) and disappeared without a trace.

What left now is a video footage of what they shot during their visit.


Okay, so except for almost half the movie was filmed like those handheld video camera kind whereby the screen keep shivering those kind, i think the storyline and all is not bad.

It keeps you in suspense, create the right tension and than you will not take your attention away from the screen because you wont wana miss a thing!

& I THINK " The Haunted House Project " can only be found in shaw. Because i tried finding pictures from Gv & cathay but both dont have this movie !  SEE ! i so nice ! Still check for you all !!!! :x   FOR MORE INFO ! (:

LASTLY, REM to bring your gf or drag your bf to go watch this ! Release date : TODAY !!!! and weekend is just another day away ! (: 

*early x'mas mood*

Today im signing off with lotsa love, care & million hugs ! :D

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