Thursday, December 9, 2010

Im awake! :D

5.35 am !!  Lesson's starting at 9.15 later & yes ! im here blogging about ihaventthoughtaboutityet .

I feel like this year passed damn fast ! ( are you having the same feeling ? or is it just me. )

Slept at like 10:30pm or so because i was damn tired from school and all. ): Sighhhhh. When will school life ever ends? Its like, how i wished to be in school when i was working (& all my friends were schooling) and now that im in school, i wana work! I bet you guys feels the same ! hurhur ~ D: Lifes a contradict anyway. Suck on it !

So, as i was saying 2010 passed like a damn fast only! I remembered x'mas just ytd and now x'mas's around the corner again !! Nothing to go looking forward to anyway ~ & i guess that is because i'm not contented in my life at all. Generally, i should be.

Oh well, for the past few months i learn that with no expectations comes no disappointment. So, peeps!
" Are ya like getting ur heart brokened too often from expecting too much ? "  STOP EXPECTING ! Than there would be no disappointment! :D

Here's a picture of me working in a restarant back in like 2005.

Still young and naive and stupid and everything! But life were peaceful and sweet and everything ! No stress, no heartahes, no i stab you from the back & you shoot me on my heart. *laughs*  Oh btw, thats kammy working with me . (:

Before i go back and roll on bed, my x'mas wish this year would be finding a new sweetheart to spend the rest of my life with because i dont like my current one anymore. :D LOL!  Okay, so not funneh. D: i bet bb would start scolding me for being too despo in replacing him again. HAHA.

p/s- I swear i would blog about the sponsored ginvera, the new britney fragrance and bb cream soon ! I MEAN REAL SOOON ! :x  ( Not forgetting about giving the fragrance away :D with t & c. )

p/p/s- ImttwMwh. D:

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