Thursday, December 30, 2010

Perseverance or Computer Generated ? LOL!

I have been using my Msn messenger ever since 2 years back when i finally decided to get rid of the lousy childish long ugly (whatever you call ) email address to a short and sweet one . :D

I used to have emails that is likeadamnlong and i used to think they are like a OH-SO-COOL!! LOL! Come to think of it really makes me go ~ HA. HA. HA.  :x

JustforLaugh :  i used to have emails something like,  beautiful_silent_lullaby@ , so0ur_lady_sweetness@ , the_sweetest_revenge@ , etc..

OKAY ! STOP LAUGHING ! #Blah ! You dont tell me you dont have any childish emails where you thought it looked damn cool last time and like you wont even take a glance at it now !

No? Nothing like pokemon_12345@ ? No? Nothing like Lovehurtzx_1234@ ? No? Dont try to deny ! We all been through the same as we grow older okay !!

So anyway, today's nothing about email but the user behind it ! :D :D

I dont usually reply my Msn messenger because i dont like to entertain questions that can be found. Because if you really wana know me so much, you would have find them out instead of coming to me and say :" Hi! can you intro ? or may i know you ? whats your name ? "  These are questions that irritates me and i hate them max !

So, this man named Jacky was in my messenger for months and i havent spoked to him at all but i actually find him quite interesting.

As you can see, he started talking to me in Aug this year and he always starts the conver with "Hello!!! Good Evening" & obviously this boring lines wouldnt get me to respond? I would usually click the "x" on the top right hand corner or totally leave it there even till i shut off my com. (:

In case you cant see, i did a cut out. (:

& So, for the next few months he never fail to greet me when i log in msn. Hard working uh !
&  i finally took notice of him this few days because i was sick and i stayed home facing the come for like 5 effing pathetic days *plays sad music*

did a cut out as well . ( i so nice ! xD )

C.O.N.G.R.A.T.U.L.A.T.I.O.N.S !
he finally caught my attention and i conveniently went to my message history to realise he actually seems to be like typing the same stuff over and over again for months?

Like, wont you get bored ? OR ARE YOU COMPUTER GENERATED? HUR !

I mean unless you got this SUPER thick layer of skin or like have skin thicker that the elephant, WHY WOULD SOME ONE keep repeating the same sentences for months when you know the other party had no intention to REPLY YOU ? I mean, if i were you if i speak to someone once, twice and they do not reply but still online the other day or something like that, i would clearly know that he/she do not want to reply to me and i shall just shoo off from her/his life because i am not significant enough to stay or whatever.

Maybe i have skin thinner than "popiah".   ( bo bianzxzxz one ! )

So, today as i was having my medicine and about to go to bed i saw the pop up again with the same old sentence " Hello !!! Good Evening 2 u Kelly ",  same old CAPITAL "H" , SAME OLD " !!! "  3 "!" . NO MORE , NO LESS ! 3 "!" ALL THE TIME ! & NO PUNTUACTION BEHIND THE SENTENCE !



Im amazed ! i AM ! & he still can ask me why i say he is computer generated. Omfg .  I admit defeat. Than i didnt reply him, again. LOL!

So, here i am blogging with me feeling drownsy cause the medication takes effect already . D: Nighnight ! Head's spinning ! *laughs*


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Clyde said...

And again, Another one. LOL.