Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ultimate New Year Eve COUNTDOWN with TIGER !

 Say goodbye to 2010 & Welcome 2011 together with Tiger Crystal !

 Are you a PARTYHOLIC ? 
( i know there is no such words! I KNOW !! But you understand what i meant right? RIGHT! *roll eyes* ) 

Yes ? You should check out  because, Tiger Crystal presents you 3 of the largest Countdown parties in town @ Marina Bay, Marina Barrage & ClarkQuay.

Afraid of the jams ? Squeezing public transport ? Unsure of which party to go to ? Boogey your way down to these Party on the Ultimate NYE Tiger Crystal Bus !  :D

Log on to : for more details !

& you could WIN TICKETS to celebrate 2011 with Tiger Crystal  & ahemm... ME !!
( LOL! what ! cannot spend with me mehs ?! :x i dont anyhow spend nye with people one also hor !! *cheeky face* LOL! )
Thank Q omy for the tickets !! *grins*

Check out how you could win tickets here :

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