Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bio-essence Superstar Bloggers Party !!

Thank You Bio Essence Once again ! :D

I was invited to Bio-Essence Superstar Bloggers Party On saturday !! And as usual, i was super late . -_- cause bugis parking lots very hard find leys ! :x REALLY LA!

we are supposed to reach ILUMA at 1:30pm but i reached at like 3:10? I swear everywhere was jamming !

& guess what? Xiao Stella's invited too ! So she waited till 3:00pm for me outside Iluma but i havent reach so she went up first. ~.~ ( cant blame her! we were told that the party ends at 3:00pm )

Tadah !! ILUMA ! ( its like written shortform for, I love u Ma ! So cute ~ i like ! xD )

So anyway ! This is my 2nd time at Iluma and I really know nuts about what Iluma has ! ( The One and only time i was here is when i got invited to a movie preview from Omy )

So i'm supposed to go the the last floor and into  " Bounce " but i spend 15 mins figuring out that bounce is actually located outside the mall on the top floor. Which also means i have to push the glass door, breath in the fresh air, walk abit to see " Bounce ".

Picture's from XIAO STELLA digital camera ! I havent reach when she was taking pictures, so let her picture do the talking and ur imagination take you around for the first half of the party  [=  
( of course you will still get to see lil kelly later ! LOL! )

SEE ! bio essence so considerate ! Even got food and drinks nicely prepared for us okayyyy ! -touched-

*wipe tears*

Detailed presentation on how to apply/how to use on a live model with ON-THE-SPOT effect.
how GREAT can Bio Essence be? ( Its more than you can imagine ! )

After withnessing how effective Bb face lifting cream is, its TIME !

ITS TIME !!!!!!! FOR ART - AND - CRAFT  !!!!!!!!!



Zhng'ing Bb Cream time ! woooooooooooooooooooo ~

Step 1 : Pick a choosen bb cream . 

Step 2 : Get the blings blings/ relevant material so that you can stick/paste/zhng ur bb cream case :D

So, everyone has the " KIASU " typical singaporean attitude . CHIONG AH !!!

But xiao stella, me and her friend just dilly dally, take pictures and slowly wait till they are done before we start looking for what we need.

EH ! we very QIANG okay ! At least we know even if there is limited things left, we still can zhng our bb cream casing with style ! ( OUR style ! )


Snap snap away while the others are snatching for materials ! woooooooooo ~

" we have the, we can do with anything attitude " shuai not ? SUPER !

Step 3. Get back to our table and get started ! ( 30 mins to complete )

People say : " 认真的女人最美 " .

for this, i conclude that we 3 很美. THANK YOU !  HAHAHHA !

* 30 MINS of Zhn'ing and TADAH !!!!!! *

This is mine ! *Grins* 

I name it : Seaside Moments  (:

Because its in turqoise and resembles the sea, i thought of using gold to be like the sand and flowers to indicate happy blossom gentle feeling. :D Its like a moment of peace by the seaside.

Aqua bb cream helps to moisturise the skin and its best for dry skinned lil lady like me ! ):  My skin is super dry those kind and powder always cause my skin to have dry peelings after a long day out ! Now , i apply aqua bb cream everyday in the morning and my skin really improved alot ! Its easy to use and super convenient ! Takes about 2 mins to apply for the whole face and TADAH ! Im ready for school ! :D

Now you can personalise your own bb cream and stand a chance to win a $200 Bio-Essence HAMPER !

Niceeee uh ? SO what are you waiting for ?! C'mon ! ITS A GREAT DEAL CAN ?

 Event happening at BHG Bugis !
do make ur visit down to get promotions, discounts, freebies and many more !! 

- Bio-essence Chinese New Year in-store roadshow at BHG Bugis from 14-21 January 2011. Attractive promotions and discounts are given during this period. On 15 January 2011 (Saturday), God of Fortune will be making a special appearance between 4-7pm to distribute lucky ang pows. A host will also be present during that time to conduct games where Bio-essence products can be won.

Fyi : Bio-essence is the No.1 Facial Care Brand in Singapore.
Bio-essence is the Best Asian Brand for two consecutive years 2009 and 2010

*around of applause please* :D

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The rest of the SUPER STAR BLOGGERS ! (:
And all our Zhng'ed bb cream! HEHEH ! (:

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