Sunday, January 30, 2011


Weeks ago, Cuskin send me two sample products.
with a booklet of of their products and instructions on how to use them.  *thumbs up!*

I swear i laughed quite abit looking at the cover page of the booklet. *laughs*

Cuskin Pure Whitening Cream

Pure Whitening Cream gives a translucent and radiant skin. Arbutin skin whitening cream not only inhidbits the progress of skin darkening, it also effectively reduces existing pigmentation.

Its Clinically tested by Korea FDA.

& now, imma gona test it for you all! :x
Massage and apply on my lil hand :x after washing it clean .

TADAH!! Instantly proven !  * open eyes in disbelief *

I didnt realise the colour differnt till i upload them onto my computer !! S-e-r-i-o-u-s- !!

Than, it is Whitening & Wrinkle Repair B.B cream

Whitening & wrinkle repair Bb cream naturally covers and protects the skin. It helps brighten and repair wrinkles giving a firmer and livelier look.

Creamy type, has a little light rose scent and it blends into skin nicely. Loving it ! :D

Half face done . ):  make me sad when i look at this though ! ): shows how obvious my yellow skin is )):

OH Ignore my hair uh ! LOL! Its kinda messy now that it is in shoulder length so i hafta tie it up. 

Cuskin make my day though ! :D  Fully covered with cuskin bb cream !  
I look sofft and nice and white and NOT YELLOW at all !  * Grins *

& Vote for me HERE if you see my photo being uploaded already ! (:
Voting starts from 1st Feb though.

Thanks & Happy New year in advance !

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