Monday, January 31, 2011


I know i have said this a thousand million times, especially when i review sponsored items but than again, i do wish to emphasize that i really really appreciates TSS !! Thankyou Once again ! (:

Lovemore arrived safely at my place ! ( Send to doorstep one okay ! )

& they are like volumes of books. ( conveniently slot in anywhere !! ) *superb love*

LoveMore is  Endorsed by Tiffany Hsu Wei-ning  许玮宁

and also one of the Best Selling Mask Brand in Taiwan.

Key highlights :
 - There are a total of 6 types of masks with different benefits
- 3 types of 3D Mask with ear-hooks
- Imported ingredients from Japan, Australia, Brazil, France, Swiss & Scotland

Also endorsed by Kary Wu ( from HongKong )

Extract of Kary’s raving:
“I finally finished my work, and the first thing that I do when I reached home is to pamper my skin! I want to recommend "LOVE MORE MASK" which I use daily to everyone! Other than pampering my face, I think it is important to take good care of my neck too! This 3D mask fits perfectly to my face, and the ear-hooks wraps my face and neck~ you will turn beautiful and fair with just 20 minutes a day! To babes who want to become prettier, let us enjoy "LOVE MORE MASK's" Magic!!”

 This is how i look like chatting behind the screen with you all on facebook/twitter/msn/whatever ! LOL! Dont be disappointed ! HAHAHA!

This pinky one smell damn rosy and sweet! SUPERB Love ! :D & plus point : GOT HOOK FOR HOOKING THE EAR LEYYYY !
you know you just hate it when the cloth mask is too big and couldnt stay properly on ur face. This one can hook and ensure it stays !!! LOVE MAX ! especially for girls with -_- no nose bridge like me . ( HATE to admit it but i have to ! )(#@^&#^! &^$52#*@!& )

Features and effects:
The latest “turning back time lifting” mask fits your face and neck perfectly! It fights against gravity, lifting the skin at your neck, mouth area, cheek, eye area. Rose crystal and tourmaline peptide has excellent moisturising benefits.

 So cute uh !! The individual package looks like envelope ! Awwww! ( dont bear to open them )

This one doesnt smell as sweet as the pink packaging one though ! This has a little lavender kind of smell and you feel relaxed while having it on ur face.

Benefit: Whitening and Brightening, Supple feel, Oil-control

Carefully chosen lavender from the French Provence, this lavender mask relaxes your skin during the night time and maximizes your skin’s blood circulation. Using different mild botanic ingredients with excellent whitening benefits and sebum control, your skin will be fair and free from oil the next day!

Where to get love more !?

-Available exclusively in Watsons
-January 15
-3D Mask 5 pcs @ $8.90
-Mask 5pcs @ $7.90

Pamper ur skin today !! Get LOVEMORE !


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