Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ultimate New Year Eve COUNTDOWN with TIGER ! [part 2]

Arrived with bb at our-all time familiar ClarkQuay @ 7.20pm when the gathering was suppose to be @ 6.00pm . Yea ! Im ashame of myself for being so super duper late! ):  ( pss.. m not tardyqueen for nothing ! #justjoking! )

I was held up at home because its New year Eve ya ? & everyone wana PARTEHHHHH ! ( So is granny ! )  So, while i was preparing half way through at 5, Momo called and YES! Deedee's at work, so lil kelly has to go fetch granny over to Aunty's house so that they can count down together ! ( Aunt's got a partehhhhh running at her place ! )

Collected the tickets from the superb nice Alvin and also the scheldule, programmes that will be going on for the 3 places.  ( He kept saying " nvm, its okay " to me when i keep apologising for being so super duper late )

Than had my breakfast+lunch+dinner at clarkquay with bb than we walked around clarkquay while waiting for the 9:00pm Tiger Crystal Bus to arrive.

Clark Quay was decorated beautifully with lights and all. You can totally feel the atmosphere !

We skipped the Marina Barrage & went straight to the Float @ Marina Bay. :D

Wipes given on board. O_o

Not forgetting pictures while on our way to the float ! :D
 & we laughed at the crowd for having to walk while we are sitting comfortably on the Tiger Crystal bus ! Heehee.
bb & my hand ! :D 

Entered the Float @ Marina, got our seats a corner. Had our super expensive mineral water : $4 !  & Old chang kee ! :D 

 Our view ! :D

Not forgetting pictures ! :D

*click*  Me : Eh ! why my face so bright !! Again AGAIN !
Bb :  (...) i dont want again ! D:
That explain his face here . LOL! Too bad ! dont want again also must again ! xD

Not forgetting the 10mins of beautiful fireworks . (:
I still rem to snap afew even though i was engrossed with them pouring down. * see! i so nice :x *

ThankYou Omy & Tiger Crystal ONCE AGAIN ! (:

20 years of my life, this is the first preplanned New Year Celebration. ( It used to be counting down at home with the companion of Tv, or last minute clubbing with the girls -_- )  I enjoyed throwing away all the unhappyness in 2010 and welcoming 2011 with the companion of my boyfriend. 

We sealed 2010 and welcome 2011 with a peck on the lips while watching the beautiful fireworks glows and sparkles in the sky. 

Not forgetting to thanks bb, who pushed away his work and make it the start of my 2011 a beautiful one.
iloveyou! :D

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