Friday, February 25, 2011

The days.

Totally understand the lack of updates on my little space. I received Msg in facebook from unknown[s] requesting/demanding for updates.Yea right! i totally shouldnt be bothered or be ordered to do anything (especially from strangers!) but i thought it was kinda sweet for them to remind me that i've been neglecting my blog. (btw, they are not even in my friend list on facebook! Boo!)

For the past weeks, i had been busy with my year end exams and also with my dad. Guess i would roughly summarise abit.

Btw, if you havent tell your parent you love them today or it has been quite some times since you last said it, please do so. (: ( while you still have the chance to )

I have been reminding deedee how much i love him daily. Meddling with his hair, hand, staying by him attending to his needs because he is all that matters and the only man i truly love.

2 years ago, Big head deedee was all well and healthy during the first day of Chinese New Year.

This year, he dragged himself up and prepare for Chinese New Year. He was already feeling uncomfortable before CNY but because the specialise doctor from malaysia at XXX govt. hospital went back to malaysia for his CNY way before CNY eve, deedee was asked to go home and wait till CNY day 5.

Health test, body checkups, blood test, everything checked over and over again and all of the reports came out showing how healthy deedee was despite the pain he was going through day and night.

Days passed, deedee got skinnier everyday and everyday's a torture. Finally, X-ray came out. Detected 2 unknown tumours inside him. Requested for him to be warded at XXX hospital, operated on deedee, removed tumour than send him home.

- the rest not to be disclosed -

Its only until a certain point in life, you start realising how much someone matters and how much you wish you could do something but there was nothing you can do.

Cherish. Yes. Cherish what and who you have. Appreciate. The little things in life that's not significant. They might not be alot, but they are little efforts.

I love you deedee & i believe you will have faith and trust in yourself and you will get well soon.

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