Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy 2011 Chinese New year people ! :D

2010 passed like a flash for me! Its like awesomatically fast! ( do you all feel the same ? )

I had rise and fallen alot in 201, from school to work to family to financial and im glad i made it through with the companion of bb. Though many a times, he was the reason i wana give up. :x 

Happy Chinese New Year Chu yi ~ I Curl my already very short hair up and ended up like aunty ! ):
People thought i married already, never give me ang bao !
i GOT like 3 lesser ang bao than kor and mei ! while mei mei got like 1 lesser than kor ! LOL! -_-

I bet kor look like small kid, so everyone remember to give him ! SO UNFAIR!

beholddddddd ! When was the last time i show you pictures of my siblings ? LOL!

THIS IS MY AH KOR !  ( Very buay song when i asked to take 1 picture of him :/ ) Stingy Man !

This is my Younger sister ! The one i always bully and still loves me ! (:  i secretly take one ! Thats why blur blur and all ! Cuase i zoooom in ! :x


Happy Chinese New year Everyone ~ HUAT AH !!! 

Zodiac horoscope sibei lucky this year ! I use $2 win $50 ++ this year ! O_O 
& i very stingy ! every round $2 one ! x)

Okay ! i wana go ikea buy new pillow later with bb ! Bye bye ! WIN MORE AH ! (:

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