Thursday, March 3, 2011


25th Feb marks my 2 years anniversay and also granny early birthday celebration .

Celebration will be held at this restaurant every year without fail.

Granny would usually book a room with 5 big tables. ( One bigbigbigbig family ~ )
This year only 3 tables ! Many couldnt make it due to army etc ... Still, 3 table is already considered alot.

This is my bighead Skinny Daddy with his beloved mummy ( also my granny ).

& i always believe, the only reason why my granny dote on daddy so much is because daddy looks like granddy ! ( grandfather )  Even though i have never met granddy before, his photo alone is enough to send me *wah'ing* for days !!

Mummy says : When i was still dating with ur daddy, i pinched your daddy's father thinking it was your daddy when i went over to meet-the-parents-session.  ( LOL'ed )

Anyway, it was supposed to be a happy celebration but everyone was tearing secretly.

So anywayanywayanyway, daddy wasnt feeling very well and our family went back earlier than the others.

Than i met bblove afterthat ! No presents though ! Bb's an asshole anyway ! :/ The only gift i received from him before is an umbrella. YES ! A PINK UMBRELLA he bought from hongkong.

You think its sweet? GUESS WHAT? The brother mass bought them and he CHINCAI PICK ONE PINK COLOUR AND GIVE IT TO ME!! -_-  *sigh heavily*

I think im the only woman that can stand and tolerate all his nonsense.
*wave presidential hand*

So, anyway thank you for being "there" for me all this while. ( fact is, he is always there infront of his com instead )
thank you for being my longest love and making me your longest love.

Lastly, you might not be the best to others but you are, to me. (:

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Anonymous said...

hope that everything will go on smoothly for your daddy!:) feels kinda sad when i read your most recent 2 posts.

TardyQueen said...

:D Thank you ! Im sure, he will fight hard for us ! :D