Monday, March 7, 2011

The BFF shoot :D

Now which bastard say i dont have friends and name me a bitch ? HUH ? I got friends, good friends, best friends, BOYFRIEND. You got what? No GIRLFRIEND? You know why not? Cause you dont have what it takes to be ONE! So sad ! (:  ( btw, please have the balls to say it infront of my face instead of ranting on ur facebook status ya ? Throw face maximum )

Oh you wana retaliate ? You have what it takes? MY ASS! No BF FORCES their gf into sex and CHASE THEM OUT OF THE HOUSE in the middle of the night if they doesnt give you sex. Disgusting piece of shit !

p/s : &  please! Dont go around telling people I AM YOUR EX GF LEY ! VERY PAISEY ONE AND SUPER XIA SUAY PLEASE. I dont even wana mentioned the word EX BF with ur name together lor. Eeeeeks! *totally grossing me out*

Enough said, lets not spoil our day with someone not worth mentioning about at all. (: Pictures ! :3

& lastly she is STEFANIE love and she returned to sydney to study already ! Oh hell ~ very little time we have and we only managed to meet up twice when she was back in singapore . ):

Warning: Please dont enter her blog with empty stomach ! She can such an ass at times with all the goody goody pictures of food !! *blah ! *


Okay ! imma fill up my stomach now before entering her blog ! :3 Seeya !

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